Here’s what we do…

Dr Vikki Hunkin can provide a wide range of services throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and further afield.

They include…

Expert Witness Report

For example, following an acquired brain injury we can provide expert evidence of degree and severity and the nature of any cognitive impairment

Medical Legal Reports

Medical Negligence

Personal injury

Legal Aid work

Other court/legal reports.

Private Neuropsychological Assessment

Fitness to Plead in Criminal Cases

Mental Capacity Assessment

Establishing baseline functioning РTo assess the progression of neurodegenerative conditions eg dementia

Other Private Assessment РTo assist in diagnosis and recommend treatment and rehabilitation. To objectively measure cognitive impairment and advise on appropriate management strategies

Supervision РFor psychologists and allied health professions such as specialist nurses and occupational therapists. To guide them in applying evidence-based neuropsychological models in the management to long term conditions.