Our brains govememory loss test dementia test alzheimers testrn our behaviour, our moods and our emotions. So, what happens when things change?

We can offer support in the event of an accident, brain injury or the onset of dementia. And it all happens here in the southwest with experienced clinical neuropsychologist, Dr Vikki Hunkin.

We are also experienced in providing medico-legal services for insurers, the legal profession and statutory bodies.

Clinical neuropsychology is about scientifically tracing the root causes of changes in mood, behaviour or thinking that results from any condition affecting the brain – and using that information to improve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

We are able to use scientifically recognised assessments to pinpoint problems, whether they are caused by brain injuries, strokes, dementia or any other disease. In fact our tests are able to identify the early signs of dementia (including¬†Alzheimer’s), determine whether a patient’s cognitive functions are in decline and offer strategies to help all involved manage that decline.

Dr Hunkin has worked in the NHS for more than a decade and now also accepts private patients, seeing them promptly and professionally. She is registered with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council and is listed on the Directory of Expert Witnesses.

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